Todays Pop in with Love

5th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The beauty luminous moon energies may be bringing up for you what is held within your heart that has been ignored or avoided. It may or it may not feel comfortable, mentally, emotionally and/or physically within the chest, the solar plexus, nervous and digestive systems. It is the loving push to step outside of our comfort zones that little bit further as what we may have ignored demands to be given space to be seen, acknowledged and even acted on. Be with and within it as best you can, allow, trust and know you are okay. All is energy in motion moving through you. Remember your perspective creates, check in what you are feeding yourself.

Keep your heart open, keep harmonising with love, choosing love.

Opportunities for the new are all around you, open your heart and you open the door, the heart is the key to all.

With Love, Lee xxx