Lead with Love

10th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep your heart open dear ones as you continue to find peaceful way forward within change, to embrace and open, trust the change that is occurring within us and as a Whole Collective, a Planet. For new pathways are being created and connected to as we surrender deeper to what wants to be, we are asked within all to hand over our fears and resistance to change and trust, trust in self, the divine path and the divine plan for All as we expand into new timelines that Soul has chosen for our own evolutionary journey and personal growth.

Lead with love, never more so have we been asked on such a level to anchor, hold, and radiate the love that we are, to be the Light. What takes us out of love, fear. Continue to recognise the minds ability to take you out of peace and flow and into the past, the stories, the beliefs that are fear based. Be aware of Self as we are being called like never before to truly know ourselves as the Divine beings we are, as the sovereign beings we are, to lead with love, compassion and truth within all. To recognise when and where we allow fear to be and bring it back to love, to Light.

Bring the head into the heart, less reaction and more observation and awareness. See through to the wisdom awaiting you within recurring themes and patterns that arise as Soul guides you to expand beyond the old ways/versions of being and doing. Remember the pause bring the head into the heart, exhale, and allow Soul, your higher wisdom to guide you.

With Love xxx

(Light Code – Let Love Lead, Let Light – SoulLee Connected (c) 2023 – Strongly called to share the love enCoded within. Please do not download or copy as this is from my ‘to be’ Card Deck in the making but its really being called to be received and what better place that your hearts present here. Breathe it in and receive with an open heart, it is Limitless infinite Love “I open to receive the frequencies of love present within for my highest good”.)