August comes to completion

31st August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This last day of August take a moment to look back over this month and acknowledge all you have moved through as you will likely see that what has been occurring for you what has been coming up for you through experiences, emotions, situations, thoughts has been moving you towards resolution, endings, bringing completion to karmic cycles and patterns within relationships.

Create space for yourself by going softly, lovingly as any old emotions are releasing that may have been attached to these ties. Listen to how you feel and try to adjust accordingly within your day, flow within how you feel, see the blessings, know that you are receiving such beauty and expansion, release and freedom within from all you have been moving through and working to bring to resolution. Allow any emotional waves to come and to gently go, allow yourself to feel but remind yourself of the incredibleness that you are for what you are processing is creating such powerful change within.

Keep coming back within your day to spend a moment hand/s on your heart, take time to come back to your heart space and receive Divine love, receive your own powerful love for yourself as you let go. Reconnect with the light within you as you continue your journey of deep self-healing that is bringing you closer to loving yourself in all your totality.

With Love xxx

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