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17th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It today feels a reset and renewal is taking place as the intensity of the energies being felt will subside over the next few days. Hold the wisdom within your heart, the knowing that everything happens for a reason, many that we cannot fathom with our human understanding or are able to see the reason of in the now or within the occurrence because of how the experience feels emotionally, mentally, physically to us. The beautiful Goddess Quan Yin comes through, her energy her presence is felt around us all at this time. “You are never broken for all is working for your liberation. Chose to only become more love for everything is conspiring to transform you in more love and light”.

The message speaks of the ego and what we have been learning is to see our ego as it plays out within our experiences, our interactions/reactions. We are learning to detach and dissolve the ego bit by bit, to walk more as our higher selves, the more we do so the more we spiral into higher levels of love. The Elohim of the Violet Ray are present – “The goal of your transformation those that are experiencing difficultly in navigating what is occurring within their present reality only seeks to connect you with the joy and light that exists through the transformation and change that is occurring within you. Let go of the expectations you particularly place upon yourself, allow yourself to feel what is present and in doing so, without judgement without avoidance, you allow yourself to break through and give permission for the new expression of yourself to come in. All is opportunity to become greater light, to become more of the luminous being you are”.

Vulnerability doesn’t feel comfortable that is why we try to run from it, avoid it, mask it, “Dear Ones it is in this space of openness of bareness that you are given opportunity to let all you hold about yourself be dismantled, the preconceived ideas, and yes the ego may struggle in the uncomfortableness that exits in this space, bare it no mind for the blessings that await you in releasing that which does not serve love, the opening within the heart and your ability to love in all forms is expansive”.

Much Love xxx

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