Love and Navigating Dimensions

14th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message comes through in two parts, the first a question which will speak to the heart of some here – “Where are you not allowing love to flow freely within and through you, where are you resisting or not opening to love?” This all comes back to self-love for if we are not open to loving ourselves then we cannot be open to fully giving and receiving love from another. And I have just realised its Valentine’s Day here in Australia so interesting timing of this message, a little reminder that love is within us, it starts with us.

The second part is around how you may be feeling within your body and mind, there feels a sense of confusion or of being discombobulated, ungrounded. If you are feeling drawn to pull back in, be alone or quiet over the next few days but at the same time feel a pull to get up and go, to change things to bring action to what you want, make things happen this can leave you feeling this way as the two energies seem to run against each other. Again its difficult to find the right words to describe the feeling but I think you will get what I’m saying or identify with it if this is occurring for you, a little or a lot. It’s like two sides of the coin so it can leave you feeling unsure of which way is up.

Just go gently you are witnessing both sides in one so remember to just observe, allow and keep stepping forward when you feel guided and it feels heart aligned, otherwise just allow things to settle within you . It can feel that you are within two dimensions at once, a sense of the old self and at the same time you feel within a higher knowing space, so it can feel a little wonky, clunky as you navigate and adjust to it.

Remember you are human in physical form existing in the density of the physical body, but at the heart you are spirit, you are light within, you are walking within different frequencies and so much is shifting, the ground you walk on and the space your human mind is in can take some adjusting to at times. Gently does it all is well, allow everything to integrate within. Come back to your practices that centre you within the heart, nature, meditation, come back to the heart space.

Much Love xxx

Heart Support – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022