Stepping in to the Empowered You

2nd December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a push for us to step up and into our greater empowered self this month, to take the reins and embody more of the leader within you, taking charge and owning life rather than feeling life directs you so much or you are just a passenger along for the ride as it happens around you.

I speak of being in flow a lot with people and this is what we are guided to be within in our lives, so it may seem confusing to say take charge but be in flow. Being in flow is not about being passive and unmotivated within your life but about being proactive and stepping up, flowing by letting go of resistance or the need to control so if Source is trying to show you something is not for you, you listen and act accordingly. Flow is about seeing where in your life there is struggle or dis-ease, where you try to push and force rather than to step back and see what is actually playing out so you can get the whole picture, to see from a higher perspective and then make better aligned choices. This is all about walking consciously within our day connected to our heart and Source, and allowing the soul to lead you, the Universe to guide you but you are always in the driver’s seat.

There may be times over the last weeks of this year where you feel a little uncomfortable or unsure, this can occur when you are walking within your new empowered self, walking with the new ways and beliefs you have spend a long time bringing about and embodying fully and you encounter situations, people that test this ‘new you’. This is the work, light up when you see yourself in these situations as you get to shine, to put it all into active practice. New levels of clarity have been reached with many, and for others it is coming (remember don’t judge where you are its perfect for you), for some this has shifted dramatically, there has been a real rising up of your knowing around your pathway, your direction and you literally feel who you are, feel the light within you. Keep trusting your intuitive nudges, the guidance and insights are constantly coming in you so keep your ‘radar’ clear and more receptive by keeping out of the situation and dramas that don’t serve you, keep it light, keep it joyful, make better choices to what you engage in and if you do encounter experiences within your own self or with others this is the time for you to take all you have learned this last year and choose for the self in a way that is aligned in your best interests, in love and the most benevolent outcome for all. Step back pause and take a moment to reset and centre yourself before reacting from the old ways of being you are used to, the old programs you run, remember you are choosing different for you, and watch it all change.

Noticing anywhere you are holding back or procrastinating about taking a step, is it avoidance? Holding back can be the right thing to do but again as has been the message the last few days or so ‘get real’ with yourself, are you avoiding taking action out of fear, doubt or is it actually time to give yourself a little kick up the behind if it’s a case of sitting around waiting for things to happen.

There is also the physical body that speaks up as it is adjusting to all that has been shifting within you, adjusting to the new frequencies and changes in your daily routine and how you now walk within your life. There are huge emotional shifts as you let go of anything that is attached to the old stresses, dramas, conflicts, this has great positive impact on the nervous system. I you have been guided to move the body more again this will greatly impact and assist with your integration, intuition and connection with yourself and Source. Look after the house that houses your soul light.

Much Love xxx

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