The Answers are held in the Heart – Connect to Truth

15th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message came in as ‘Connect to yourself’. Connect to the love that is within you, it may feel remote at times, non-existent in others but it is always there for it is what you are made of, it is what you were created from, so it can never disappear or not be for you exist. Love calls you to go within to soothe your fears, to bring clarity and truth to your doubts and to remind you of the power of what you are, a being of eternal love and innate wisdom. The answers are not found outside of you, although at times outside information can be useful to mirror to us what we need to see, hear, know, go within dear heart for what you seek you already have, it just needs you to connect with it, to connect with yourself.

The answers to your questions, all within, the access to the wisdom you seek, the clarity you cannot find is found through the heart, the heart is the key for it is the connection to Soul, to the Higher Self, the Divine Self and the Divine Source of All, you are never detached from your wisdom, from your love.

Whenever you feel the mind has taken over and clarity or direction seems impossible to discern move your awareness, your consciousness from your mind/head to your heart to access your truth and higher wisdom. The consciousness that resides within your heart provides continual access to your truth.

Whatever questions you have ask your heart, being always aware of when the mental/logical mind is sneaking in for it will run off trying to ‘create’ answers. If the answers also seem confusing or forced this is the mind, the head. Thank it for its input but ask it to move aside, go deeper into the heart. It is a practice don’t get discouraged with it as it becomes easier as your relationship and connection opens, easier until you can drop into that heart love wisdom in a heartbeat.

Connecting to the heart is softening and being open to receive, listening and patience in awaiting what truths are ready to drop in to your awareness. It may not be immediate, but you do already know deep within the answers to all your questions so be aware of what comes through immediately as you ask your heart, whether it is sensation, emotion or message from your innate knowing, your intuition is right as it hasn’t had a chance to be interfered with by the mind.

A message through the Divine Heart – Sometimes things don’t work out as well as you would have liked them to this is not because of a lack of support for you but rather you are being rerouted. What you have worked within and perceived as a ‘failure’ or ‘mistake’ provided you with the valuable wisdom and learnings needed for your next opening. Trust the process of all that presents to you. Some are being redirected to other things at this time, trust in it all dear hearts, for some space is being made so you can create what you have put on the backburned for a long time now, it is the heart bringing it forwards for you.

Much Love xxx

(Light Code – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022-2023) – CLARITY. Free Personal Use only. Invite this Code to connect with you by allowing its Light encoded frequencies to be absorbed through your eyes for a few moments, then close your eyes and connect to your heart, follow the breath and focus on your heart, allow the breath to take you deeper and deeper within. Imagine, see, sense feel you are sitting within your heart. Ask it, make it simple, a question.)

Image (c) SoulLeeConnected 2022-2023