Refining Boundaries & Observing

1st December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we awaken to the first day of December we feel the collective rushing around and busyness amplifying but you yourself may have and are still feel acutely aware of the need to slow down and rest more, find a more peaceful and flowing way of getting things done, try to honour this as best you can and be mindful of when you feel caught up in the rush mentally and physically as this does then play with the emotional body also. What can you put off, spread out or just not do? Who are you running around for others or yourself, where are you overdoing things, or overly trying to please others?

If irritation arises it may well be because what you once ‘just always did’, perhaps what others knew you to be just doesn’t work for you anymore, what are you being shown, how can you go about things in a more peaceful way one that honours you and others involved? Is the festive ‘load’ being shared and if not are you within joy about it, is it filling your heart or is resentment building? What you once did as you felt you ‘had to’ or ‘had no choice’ you may find its stirring up agitation resentment in the body. This is showing you how you have shifted and what you once did perhaps for others that took away from yourself, old habits of people pleasing in order to feel worthy or feel loved and of value don’t work for you anymore. Celebrate your changes, for they work to honour all. Allow it all to come together as new pathways and ways of being for you now open and appear (this will continue).

Again putting into practice your desire for balance and flow, peace by observing and not reacting to things occurring around you. You may be placed within little experiences that you feel aggravation, frustration, irritation arise within, take a deep breath, see that in that exact moment you are being given opportunity to exhale and allow, to better master what you have learned. Feel how you body engages and reacts when you run with that irritation and feel how it can be moved through the body with the breath when you are aware and observe, make choice to let it be, allow yourself to be peaceful. It’s a practice. It’s about maintaining your peaceful heart, honouring your personal energetic space and allowing what is outside of you to be however that looks, but do see that the outer can reflect what is within also. If you come across aggravations, or a ‘theme’ within situations you encounter take a little honest look within, find time to be in stillness and be open to receive. Ask for insight, clarity if you are unsure, ask what you are not seeing so you can shift past attracting this. What is stirred within you that is yet to change, shift, release or resolve, where does the irritation sit in your body? Go into that space, feel into that part of the body and see what it has to say or what instantly comes to mind.

With love to all xxx

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