Self Care

27th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today or even stretching throughout this week you may feel a calling into a deeper need to nurture the self, you may be feeling a little tender, tired or both, in need of a little love and care, so make sure especially if you also care for others in any capacity that you reach out for support if you need it or find a way to step back a little to allow you to process some old emotions moving through the being. These emotions feel very much connected to our feelings of security, safety and support so if you are a little out of balance in your life with this you may feel the rising up of the energy building within illuminating all the areas in your life where you still ignore your boundaries and/or care.

The calling, the nudging, the messages being received to look after ourselves as we become more aware and our understanding grows that the physical body is what allows us to be able to have this human experience as the Divine Spirit we are, it is a great part of our spiritual health. Look at where any best of intentions to take better care of your mental, emotional and physical health may have not been acted on or pushed to the side. Time to bring that knowing and guidance to action to better support the self so you can feel a greater life force within yourself and also be better able to support those you do in whatever stage of life you are within.

Much Love xxx

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