Intense Frequencies – Observe, Allow, Trust

20th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

This week and it feels possibly into the following week the energies are very much heightening, there is an intensity being felt as these high frequencies are impacting us. Use your tools, grounding, nature, water (bath, ocean, drink) and connection to your inner light are all being highlighted. All will assist you to move through with greater ease and allow you to move through any experiences and emotions that may rise with greater ease. It’s really important (I feel) to remind yourself in those moments that may come where you feel unstable, a bit wobbly, unsure, which may be impacting us on and off, here and there over this week or two, to connect with your inner light, go within. GO WITHIN. If you are really feeling it take time to sit and envisage, see, sense, feel the energies coming through your crown, image, sense, feel them being moved through your body and into the earth. Keep sending them into the earth especially is you are feeling destabilised or a bit off-centre. Ground any of the energies into the earth, if you are feeling this intensely see it moving down through your body out the soles of your feet and allow Mother Earth to take it from you. She is openly here to work with you.

Any doubts that arise about anything, your family, yourself, your path, your relationships, particularly at this time of year relationships come forth, it is important to remind yourself that all really is okay, observe and breath, go within, move the engines within you that present as emotions through you into the Earth. Any triggers and memories that rise, wrap them in forgiveness where needed, let it go, let it go, let it go, with love this is going to help you move through this week and anything that is being called up from within. We are going to experience a pushing as we ascend into the new year.A clearing out is coming up of anything emotionally held, belief system wise that is still being held onto. Anything that is blocking or playing with our ability to move forward particularly. The physical body and particularly the upper chakras may be feeling it at this time so help yourself through anything you are experiencing by not sinking into it but, ‘allowing’ ‘observing’ and using the tools you know help and support you.

It is again being highlighted as a week to find time to stop even for five minutes, everyone can find five minutes, don’t push your self needs off as not important, to reconnect, to ground, to recentre yourself, connect within yourself to your light, feel into the light that you are to keep you balanced. If you find yourself feeling into confusion or fear come back within, connect with your light, your heart and find that sense of inner power, peace and stability that is always present within but at times feels hidden from you. You have to slow it down and let go of the busyness enough to connect with yourself. Pause every day, make you a priority.

There feels a real push over the next few weeks so trust that anything that comes up within or within your experiences is all a part of your evolutionary journey. You will emerge through the next few weeks with a renewed sense of clarity and many will physically feel the shifts that you have been taken through. Where you can remain in a space of being, of presence, within your knowing, your trust that this is a powerful push into 2022 and as came through a week or so ago your ‘perspective’ is powerfully shaping your reality and also will be a huge part of 2022. Stay above it all, use your tools to centre yourself, connect within your inner being. Know that this push is offering opportunity to move to a higher path on your ascension journey.

Anchor your Love, your Light and step boldly forward. You got this, take all you have learned and worked within and shine bright. Walk within your powerful self magical being. All you need is within you not outside of you for you are pure Source light, always a part of and connected to the Source of All.

Much Love xxx

P.s. Its important to know that you and your experience is unique, you may or may not feel or be aware of the energies present and nor do you have to be. Your job is to just do you, be present with you. This message is merely a guide and reassurance for those that may experience or feel to offer understanding and support, in love. as always take what resonates and leave the rest. xxx

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