Short Audio Recording to Align with the Energies present

16th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Left hand on your heart and right over left. Take three deep breaths into your being, breathing in long and deep through your nose, hold for a second and exhale slowly and fully through your mouth. Close your eyes and move your conscious awareness to your heart, feel the energy present within, feel and know your hearts every present connection with Source (God, the Divine) and say ~

“I align with ease on all levels and within all layers of my being with the powerful energies that are available to me now. I continue to release with ease and grace any blocks and outdated beliefs that keep me within limitation and that hold me back from knowing myself as the Divine being I AM. I AM fully open to receive the love, blessings, and abundance available to me now today and all days. So be it. Thank you”.

With Love xxx

(Image (c) SoulLee Connected 2023)