Where are you Feeling Led?

6th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

A late message today as it has been a public holiday here and all of us home, however they say this message is for the week of next few weeks, so time is irrelevant.

Awareness to what you are feeling, where you are feeling led at this time? Is it to step back and rest a little, a little self-care calling to reinvigorate and replenish, or do you feel your rise in readiness to step into creation and open to those new opportunities? Your experience and another’s this week may be completely different remember not to judge how you are feeling, where you are at and compare your direction with another, you are you, your experience is always perfectly aligned for you.

What is amplified or illuminated for you over the next few days will be perfect for you also, whether it be showing you where you need to better care for yourself, the physical body is speaking and may bring up ways to get your attention to what it has been missing, have you been missing taking care of you?

There is a beautiful supportive energy present with us that comes to help us feel more able to tend to those areas that we are still working to heal and bring into love within ourselves. There is real potential for growth for us all if we choose to be aware of our old familiar responses and patterns of behaviour that are rooted in past versions of self, that which we have been working to become very present with and release, heal and choose to continue to courageously move forwards in creation of greater peace.

BE aware over this next week, the days before during and after the Full Moon what arises for you as the ‘themes’ of our boundaries, our relationships, our self-expression, physical body health, mental health (thoughts/focus) may be brought forth. Remember the gift in all that arises, see it as a gift and it is, see it within a victimhood energy and it will be. You may very well see this being projected by others that are avoiding ‘doing the inner work’, stay in yourself and allow others to be, that is after all their chosen journey, we all have choice, there is no wrong. If this is someone close to you, you can hold space for them, non-judgment, neutrality and walk away if need be to keep your sense of inner harmony.

Those karmic ties and cycles that have been spoken of, looking to come to completion ask you to let go and detach, this may be presenting within specific situations with others that may really need your continued effort and awareness to detach the mind and bring it back into the heart lest the mind sink you into old stories and beliefs that massively amplify all that is already in your mind, emotional body. Detach yourself and remember the breath and heart connection again and again if need be. The work you are doing if you choose to be completely responsible for your own stuff, accountable, is going to produce some huge shifts for many this month as these cycles come to end. All supports us in letting go of past ways of being so we can open to choose a new purposeful way forwards, one that is aligned within our newly expanded heart space and love.

With Much Love to all xxx

(Image courtesy of Unsplash.com)