All is Unravelling your sense of Separation

4th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a forward flow, a feeling that some things that you may have been held within or been held back with may be able to shift a little or a lot (depending) and find their way to opening to be able to be present in new form or released. This is a part of the shift felt yesterday and whilst it is still a time that many are deep within shadow particularly around areas that have not been serving and honouring the self, given their power away or allowed it to be taken, everything is moving towards your empowerment, your rise in consciousness and expansion. We are being assisted greatly at this time to stay present within the moment and to keep our minds out of the past or to be present with what is surfacing but not ‘stuck’ and consumed by it. Which helps us be better able to bring that knowing and higher awareness to what it occurring so we can move through it.

The Divine Feminine energies are very strong, very present, Goddesses Akhilanda and Shekinah bring forth that all is indeed working to serve you and expand you in love, to liberate you from what holds you back, anything that blocks your powerful light and path to opening to greater self-love, the love that you are. What routines and habits are actually holding you in a pattern that block you from opening to more? Are their things you do automatically that are actually a part of the old way that allow you to avoid exploring and opening up space/time to be able to dip your toes into what you are being called to, that which you are passionate about?

“Dear One, you always have the power of choice, the power in each moment, each breath to choose connection or separation. You are not your stories, not your past, not your experiences this is what you are unravelling and learning to detach from. For all this serves is to separate you from self, true self. All is working with you, especially the uncomfortable to heal this sense of separation and clear your path connecting you to the source of you, the creator being, your light”.

Much Love xxx

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