Keep your Heart Open Dear Hearts

14th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

“It is we are aware hardest for you to keep your hearts open to faith, to the positive, to love, when all feels shaken within you, but this is Dear Ones when holding strong to your knowing that all will be well will continue to pull you through and out the other side of what you perceive to be turbulent times in your life. Be continually aware of just how much of the outside world, that which is not within your control or responsibility you allow to intrude on your sanctuary of (inner) peace, let go of what is not yours to hold, disconnect. We are but a breath away do not hesitate to call upon us your Beloved Archangels to assist you in these times. Open to receive the fullness of love we extend to you and allow us to shower the path ahead of you”.

Wherever you are at in this moment however that feels to you, whatever you have going on in your life trust that there is purpose and divine reasoning within all, all serves, the biggest change occurs within that which feels hardest. The nitty gritty, the self-doubt, the overwhelming emotions, as well as the triumphs, the joys, the new beginnings are all tied in together. So much is seeking to be revealed and released, within us as individuals and as a collective, ALL serves to move us closer to love, to bring us back to love. These are big, big times of change yes they continue to be. Remember within the uncomfortable, that which you would rather not know about or deal with there is the beauty of wisdom to be gained, growth to be absorbed, opportunity to do differently, see differently, choose from your newer found space of awareness so whatever you have going on can be brought to resolution, to a space of peace within and released, let go of. And from within this those new doorways open, those new pathways and possibilities come into view, they may not straight away but trust they will for everything, every-thing that you choose not to avoid or resist, and it is human to want to when it doesn’t feel so great, allows you to step ever closer to what is actually already present, it is already here you are dropping that which clouds your ability to connect with it and open to more of the magic that you have always held within.
Continue to stand tall within yourself and keep your heart open dear hearts.

✨ For some your pathways change, what you thought was your direction ahead shifts, new insight has been received, don’t second guess it follow the breadcrumbs that the Divine leaves, the Higher Self leaves for you, release the want to control as you may have started to plan or create and the human self doesn’t want to make changes to what it has already started. Allow the (your) direction and ideas to move, be flexible. Eyes and hearts open to all as the shape, form and way you expect things to occur, unfold and come to you may be a little or completely different. ✨

With much Love xxx

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