Nurture & Nourish ~ Take a Breath

22nd December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Nurture and nourish you, time to replenish and give to the self, step back a bit where and when you are able, but don’t stress yourself in trying to do so or to make time. Check in with yourself, check you are not pushing through and doing things for others that they are more than capable of doing for themselves, this includes our children, young, teen or adult. Where, if anywhere, is the load unbalanced are you overcompensating for others? Allow yourself to receive as well as being the giver, bring in some much needed balance if this has been lacking or you have been ignoring the lopsidedness of relationships and personal responsibility that has been calling us. Putting it off to another day as it seems easier to do yourself, for many this is the old, old, old, way of doing things, the programming running deep within many of us as this is what our parents or grandparents, closest carers instilled in us through their own behaviour. Look at your patterns that are unhelpful and unserving the new self.

Give yourself permission to switch off, or start to, start to mentally switch off and slow it down a bit, so you can come back to centre, regroup and be present within yourself and your heart. Unplug a little from technology, are you over checking your emails, your social media, your lists of to dos. Step it back and bring in a little bit of peace, an exhale. Check how you are holding your body, is it shoulders up and jaw tight, relax them a little, consciously be aware of how you are holding yourself physically. Drop the shoulders, exhale deeply and completely, lose your eyes, focus on your heart for a moment and be still.

Spread your Light, Love and Kindness to those that are in need. Share your smile, your heart and your hand where you can.

Much Love and blessings to all xxx

(image courtesy of free images)