11th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The more you are able to consciously keep choosing to open your heart and really sink into trust, keep bringing yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your heart back to holding absolute trust in the process you are within, and it’s all unique for each of us, TRUST ALL of the process unfolding for you, the more you are moving yourself through the small stuff that you may have clung on to, or unconsciously quickly reacted to or taken personally within your old ways. You may not be where you want to be, feel how you want to feel but again trust the process, seeing through the experiences and situations, meetings and relationships you are having with others, how they trigger you, notice how they ‘feel’ within you as all is trying to show you the bigger picture, the hidden meanings and greater understandings and clarity available to you to what is really going on. You are becoming more able to rise above, to not attach as much as you used to, to things that either aren’t yours to attach yourself to anyway or choose a higher pathway through. You do this by holding trust, deep trust and walking within your expanding knowing that you are Soul in human form. Allow yourself to open, your heart to be open to show you where you still hold on to the old beliefs, the old stories that you are not worthy. For you are so very worthy of having what you wish for. Allow your heart to guide you forwards and not be afraid of the shadow that may arise for it is a beautiful gift come to open you, to bring insight into yourself so you can open to greater levels of love.

For some – what do you still need to forgive yourself for that keep you within old energy, the past? What are you still criticizing yourself over, judging yourself that is past that prevents you from embracing new ways of being? Open your heart to yourself and allow love in.

Much Love to all xxx

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