Allowing the Settling Within

25th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a lot that is ‘solidifying’ and finding its place within us, it’s still grounding within us and within the physical plane. It very much feels more of the pieces coming together and being now able to fit as you have made the space to now be able to embody them, they can fully anchor in as knowing as deep learning has taken place. I still at times find it hard to express with words what it is I am feeling and seeing but this best describes it so I hope it makes a form of connection with you.

As much is still settling in and so not completely ‘set’ just yet you may be feeling this in different ways within your physical body as well as playing in ways as it runs through the emotional and mental body’s. Do what you can to bring back balance, or to maintain a good balance within your day as all moves and settles over the next few days. If you find the mind in overdrive trying to make sense of what you are feeling or the insight that is coming in, breathe and let it go.

You are on a path to further reclaiming your power and this is an internal feeling process, this is not about claiming your power in the outside reality/world but deeper knowing within and this is coming about as you have walked through and processed so much on an emotional level, a heart level this year alone. March has been a big month!

Much Love xxx

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