Remember your Uniqueness is your Gift

4th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message today is this “You are unique, a beautifully unique expression of love in human form”. Spirit asks that we really feel into this, take time to breathe this in, “I AM a beautiful unique expression of Love”, breathe it deeply into your being and allow this truth to settle in, for it is what you are.
It very much feels we are opening into a different energy, there feels a shift occurring (I feel) and when I have looked for information that may support this feeling I found that we are coming into a three month period where no major planets will be in retrograde. So you may find that you feel more able and ready, renewed in a sense mentally and more inclined to want to get to a few things, more motivated to act and do than you may have this year so far.

I haven’t pulled cards for so long now within the morning messages but was guided today to do so. We receive Success and Flow. Success being our loving reminder that all is possible, to be grateful for the little things as so much of what we have in our lives we do take for granted, we pay it, people, no mind as we assume it, they, will always be there. Take time to express your hearts gratitude for all you have, express your love. EXPRESS YOUR LOVE. Our abundance is all around us, it is already present within us and in all things. With gratitude and love see the abundance you have.And again the continued message of Flow. You may find with this change in energies that you are able to sink into flow a little easier, if it has been a bit of a struggle you may find you feel the pressure taken off a little within your emotional and mental body’s. Keep flowing with as little resistance as possible, remember holding on to or fighting what wants to leave or change will only create turbulents as you are resisting the natural cycle occurring, release judgement, release the critic of the self and let it all go. Let it go so you are able to breathe, take a breath and enter flow in trust and faith that you are being guided and steered to what is for your highest good.

Much Love xxx

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