Come Back Within

11th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

An intensity in energy is felt today so you may find that you really need to bring everything in so you can keep the outer noise and the mental chatter at bay. There is so much going on and swirling around us that a lot of what you may be experiencing emotionally and mentally may not even be yours, so if you already have a bit going on in your life at present it may feel amplified, emotionally and mentally, particularly if you have been experiencing lack of quality sleep, active dream state or night waking’s.

Come back within ground, meditate, find a point of stillness. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little frayed around the edges or find frustrations, irritations rising. You may feel a sense of overwhelm rise up through your body but not really understanding what you feel emotional or overwhelmed about, it doesn’t really add up. Keep reassuring yourself all is well for it is, breathe, notice if you are shallow breathing and allow the waves and energies of change to move and flow as best you can, find a space of peace and gentleness for yourself within it. It will shift. Use the tools you have to clear your field; grounding is coming in as important as we receive these higher Light frequencies which can leave you feeling spacey and out of body.

Much love xxx

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