11th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Belief and trust came through strongly yesterday and again today we are reminded of the power of trust and the importance of it within our lives especially within such shifting times. Trust in what you are creating, what you are capable of creating, and so to your greater awareness of what you are involving yourself in within your experiences in your day. Do you allow the mind to sweep you along without thought to what you are actually engaging in or do your rising emotions lead you back to those patterns and habits that comfort but don’t serve you? If you look over your week have your thoughts and actions (mostly we are human 😉) aligned and worked towards your intentions to bring your visions to life or have they been within the past, where is your focus, your mind, your heart most often?

Remember your power exists within your present moment so when your thoughts are tying your emotions to the past you are not within your power. It may seem like ‘work’ at times to keep pulling your mind out of the past and keep moving forward but you’ve got this, it is a practice. It means within your day consciously choosing to check in and be present within yourself, notice yourself. Choose from a space of presence within the self. This is all about as has been coming through for a while now being really aware and learning about ourselves in newer deeper ways, we are becoming more conscious of ourselves and so what we wish to choose for ourselves. We are opening to more of the self.

If you find over the next few days an intensity within your emotional body, a rise in your doubts and negative feelings, come back to trust, come back to being present in your now, within your body, connect to your heart and breathe. What is behind you within your past may still hold an emotional pull or charge so if you can look at your emotions rising as doing so because the energy that they are is ready to leave you, it’s looking for an exit, this will help. Trust this, come back to trust, nothing is wrong, nothing is going backward when you find yourself deeply within your emotions, allow them the exit they need by not avoiding them, covering them up or fobbing them off, let them move and shift through you for you are now ready for their release. Lovingly and in trust allow them to be, All is well.

With Love xxx

(Light Code ~ Balance and Stability ~ Use this Code freely particularly over the weekend if you feel you need assistance to bring yourself back to centre. I see its energy as a solid supportive line/flow of energy through the crown, the mind/brain, that runs clearly through the solar plexus, sacral and base grounding into the earth).

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