Pre-Eclipse Energies Illuminate

13th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is much occurring energetically as we move closer to the Eclipse, all preparing you for transformation and deeper change from within that will propel you to the (your) next level you are ready for. Many are in what feels ‘preparation’ as the Soul prepares to step into greater service as a new chapter, cycle emerges. Wherever you are feeling pressured (area of life) is the clue to what wants to be brought into greater harmony, to change, that seeks transformation for your higher alignment. Have a look at any recurring patterns, do particular themes seem to cycle around again and again, your self-doubts about being seen, being not good enough expert enough or knowledgeable, likeable, loveable, worthy? Big themes we continue to work within as many are called to step up into higher paths of service to Light, Love, Self. To be more of their Higher Selves as we release the density of limitation (beliefs, old stories, programs, karmic ties). Many have been working within Karmic ties and many will find that they are able to bring these to an ending, a completion. Continue to be observant and not reactive, observe what is seeking your attention, is it the same issues with boundaries with others, within relationships, not feeling worthy, heard, seen, honoured, opportunity available to really shift through a lot of this that is and has been recurring with others. All shines light and illuminates those deeply held limiting beliefs that we think we have worked through but yet again we can find ourselves within the middle of. This is where you are asked to anchor your light as much as possible, to be the beacon that you are. The challenges we feel are the guides, the gifts to what we are being given opportunity to heal, release and integrate so we can step into a higher version of self. The subconscious seeks to let go of deeply buried fears so it can allow love to replace them, so we can be more ‘light filled’. The physical body has been working overtime within many processes for some time so continue to feed it in all forms what it needs.

The Sacral Chakra is being highlighted, this connects to our deeply held beliefs around our value, our worthiness, so we see this as confirmation. We are being asked to look at our relationships and get clearer on what is adding and what is (feeling) depleting our love, energy, Light? Where are you drained, what inhibits more joy being received? We cannot force another to see our value it starts within you.

“I (say your name) choose, I AM worthy”.

Continue to remind yourself and be aware of the power of your thoughts, words, emotions, projections and actions to create, aware of the space they are coming from fear or love, shadow/trigger, head or heart. Everything is a gift if you choose to perceive it that way, be thankful for what arises as all works to bring you into greater harmony within yourself and create a freer expanded joy filled lighter life. These energies are here to initiate positive change and transformation, inviting you to step into greater levels of awareness and insight. All serves in your spiritual development and to reveal deeper truths as you receive new heightened perspective. Meditation will serve you well as it opens you to explore what is ready to be unveiled.

“I (say your name) choose, I AM safe in a state of change. I (say your name) choose to honour the blessing and illumination”.

With much love xxx

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