2022 Consciousness Expanding

9th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being called to and many may already be feeling the Souls yearning to deepen your spiritual practices, your connection with your ‘spiritual self’ your authentic self. Some may be feeling or becoming aware of this stirring rising from deep within with more purpose, others feel drawn to engage within deeper more expressive ways within their practices. This year many more will feel it become a not-negotiable part of their life. Connection within, to the Divine self, to the Divine Source of All as you walk your path this year to deeper awakening and connecting to your light.

Your heart is calling you, your natural authentic state of being, love, is calling you through your heart, your light becoming ever more present as you connect with it consciously. It is no longer about going up and but to connect within, all is within. The message over the last few years has been about bringing in and anchoring within the self the light, the higher frequencies of light available to you not going up and outside of the self, we are bringing all within.

Experiences for many this week may be offering you growth within your relationships, close relationships especially. So be present within the self and watch your triggers with others, be aware of where you may immediately feel to react from the ‘old’ ways. If you pause take a breath you can choose from a more informed, gained wisdom space. React and choose from the heart together with the head (mind) not just the reactionary mind, as there is much growth available within all you are experiencing. Remember to be present, presence in the moment so you are consciously connected with yourself so you are able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ all of you and therefore be able to make the best aligned, heart aligned, love aligned choices, from that space you have worked hard to cultivate, the space you have create through all you have let go of, shifted and made changes within last year, over the last two years they show it as.

 In each day for a moment take time to close your eyes and look within, can you see, locate the spark of light that is you within your being? If you cannot see, sense of feel it, imagine it, and know it is so. Now see this light, feel into this light that you are, that is love, that is brilliant and feel it pulsate and expand with each breathe, see it expand (again imagine it is so if you feel you cannot and know it is) radiate and expand, grow your light, your spark of light until it fills your entire field and beyond. Now what would you like to bring in to your heart, what frequencies, vibration do you choose to invite in? Expansion, joy, peace? Joy I invite to be present within my heart as I step foot out of bed every morning. I also ask for the space, the time, the knowledge, the wisdom and the love to do all I need to do in the day, to fill every experience with love and to be for my highest and greatest good and the most benevolent outcome for all.

Blessings and love to all from Eagle Bay Western Australia xxx

SoulLee Connected (c) 2021