Bloom Where You are Planted

21st October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE SACRED SPACE ~ A Spiritual Warrior Journey – click here to read the entire publication –

Where you are now is exactly where you are supposed to be, which yes can be hard for the human mind to sink into especially when the space you are planted now may feel uncomfortable, may feel a struggle, does not fill you with joy. A big misconception in the ‘spiritual world’ is that we have to be all ‘love and light’ all the time or we are doing something wrong, or we aren’t ‘on our path.’ The truth is you are always on your path, everything you are within right now is for Divine reason, is for your growth, your learning, your healing, your empowerment, Soul experience and evolution. Truth be told we grow and shift in the most profound and expanded ways through that which is the hardest, that which is uncomfortable, for this is where we are asked to shift beyond the sense of self we are familiar within and expand beyond ourselves. This is where the deep transformational self change takes place and it does take courage, strength and a deep sense of trust and faith, and is a space where our faith can feel tested.

Whether our growth comes through a relationship, friendship or other, that which brings forth experiences that keep asking you too to look within, that keep pointing out where you are not honouring yourself, your boundaries, or perhaps where you hand over your power to another to make choice for you. Perhaps you do not allow yourself to receive and therefore overly give and do which leaves you always depleted, which empties your cup so there is nothing left for you. All comes back to love, self-love. We are given experiences to work through so we can heal, learn, integrate and grow in greater empowerment, there are no coincidences.

Can you look where you are planted now through a more compassionate and loving heart and see that in every situation and experience you are being guided, there is Divine perfection in all. The spaces and experiences that are uncomfortable for you, ask, “what am I being asked to see, acknowledge and/or change” so that I better honour myself?

Keep sinking into gratitude and acknowledge how far you have indeed travelled throughout this year, it has been a massive year of change, upheaval, inner work, most of it coming up without being ‘invited’ as it was all ‘due’ for you to traverse so you could expand and open to more of you, more peace, more love.

Bloom where you are planted, keep being mindful of what you are choosing to allow in to your day, is it aligned within love, peace and harmony, or are you burning the candle at both ends? Mindful of how much you are focused within your head and if you are conscious to all you are doing in the day or simply on auto pilot going through the motions with no real awareness of your choices made. Being less head driven and adopting a softer way of flow in all you do, slow the thoughts down, slow the mind down and work through your heart, be present within your day.

Keep honouring the new boundaries you have set for yourself knowing no matter where you are and how you feel or perceive where you are that all is well. Use the power of affirmations, for example instead of “I feel stuck” (this is what you then project out to be present with you), can you change it to “I am growing and expanding in each moment.”

It is how you choose to look at your day, your situations, your emotions that determines how you feel. Hands over your heart and affirm “I am Peace, Light and Love” don’t just say it ‘feel it,’ breathe it, be it, embody it, for this is you, who and what you are at your core, your essence is Love, bring it forth, draw it from your heart and expand this vibration to wrap around and support you.

Walk through your day radiating love through your being, call it in, call in the frequencies of love to be present with you. If you feel within a space of struggle call forth Lada Nada or Mother Mary to walk with you through your day and help you to be present and aligned within your heart.

You bloom in every moment you just cannot see or feel it sometimes, you never stop blooming, blossoming and growing, in Love.

Much Love, Lee xxx