You ARE Worthy

13th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Dear Heart, you do not have to prove your worthiness, this is often a belief that has been conditioned within your human experience. You do not have to earn love in any form to prove you have value, to prove to yourself or another that you deserve to be. Open your heart to the love that you were born of, you are love, it is your humanness the logical mind that cannot comprehend the magnitude of love that We, All, Source, the Divine Mother has for you.”

Keep opening your heart, keep opening to love, let no-thing and no-one deter you or compromise your deeper connection with self, with Oneness, with Love.

Can you look at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes today, left hand on your heart right over left. Can you focus on your heart space and feel into the love present there; close your eyes can you locate the spark of light that is you. Breathe into this space, feel the love present and breathe deeply.

Do you find this hard to connect with – Ask yourself, your heart, your inner child the question – “What is stopping my flow of love, what do I need to shift, heal, release to allow love to freely flow.” You may receive insight or nothing at all, it may drop in when you repeat this or over the next few days, don’t dismiss your thoughts as many are coming through the Higher Self.

“I (your name) choose, I MATTER”.

“I (your name) honour my truth and my needs. I make me a priority in my life.”

“I call forth Divine Love to enter through my crown and fill all levels and layers of my being. Thank you”.

With much Love xxx

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