The Archangels Hold Space for You

22nd December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As these last few days before Christmas become busier for many, and emotions in all forms can rise, continue to do your best to flow and go about what you need with heart intention and peace.

My heart guided me to call in and sit with the four Archangels this morning, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael. My hearts intention being to ask that they hold the container, the space that is this Website and all who connect with it. That all be held with and within the Archangels support, compassion, strength, courage, love, and peace as we move through the last of 2022 and into 2023.

The intention for 2023 is to align within joy, to connect with and fill up with joyfulness in our hearts no matter what is outside of us or arising within us. It doesn’t mean it will be all smooth, but we will be better able to hold this space for ourselves. A new way of being welcomes us all next year, this is a continuation and the results becoming visible of all you have worked within this year. See all that is pushing you or pulling you as a guide to what is wanting to drop away, change or be brought into love, resolution.

May your 2023 be the year that you continue to build and restore joy and harmony within so you can continue to radiate as the pillar of love that you are and continue to shine your brilliant light, your love out into the world with a joyful heart.

With love to all, I value your support. Next year for my work (love) it has been shown there will be changes as I work with the Archangels myself this will of course then be woven through my work and what I share with others. There is a new way of being, one of peace, harmony from the inside out that is next for many, the next step so to speak as they have worked deeply in shifting and releasing, the healing work has been done to clear the way that brings you to this space where you are ready to connect with and welcome from within the peace, ease, joy, the beauty, and love of who you truly are.

So this means for me that I work, walk within this, embody this further so I can bring it to those that are ready, and Soul/heart led. It is all about walking a path of ease, peace with a joyful heart as much as possible that helps navigate anything that comes our way.

With love and blessings to all, Lee xxx

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