Connect with the Soul Self

24th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Take a deep breath in, all the way to fill your lungs expanding your chest close your eyes and exhale deeply. Make a deep audible sigh as you do and relax your whole body, allow your shoulders to drop, sink your weight into the earth. Drop into your heart space and just breathe. Take a few minutes to just be in this space of peace, return to your inner sanctum, locate the place of peace that is you, purely you, disconnected from all that is outside of the self, and you discover Soul.

Slow it down over the next few days and allow yourself to detach more and more from that which is outside of you. This is allowing little left over threads attached to the old patterns and past pains you have been working through to come away. Things that you have been working on bringing to resolution with others may find a way of coming to a form of conclusion or at least allowing a sense of peaceful neutrality, detachment emotionally to move through you that allows you to move forward.

You are already within your newness, it is already here, how you connect to it is to keep stepping forth in your powerful love.

Much Love xxx

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