20th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Listening to the body your intuition are you being guided to just take your foot off the pedal a little bit to allow yourself to not only slow yourself down a little but also in order to allow yourself to feel into what you are needing, what your being is asking for? For we cannot hear and connect when we are within busyness and all up in the head. This is why we connect to the heart to ‘feel’ what we are really wanting/needing which can be so very different to what the head is telling us we ‘have to do’. Do you really ‘have’ to? Does it serve you or deplete you, is it simply routine, pattern, or pleasing others, what needs to change if anything? Are you being called to be more present within yourself, head connected to the heart so you are more aware of all that is present in each moment for you, within each situation, encounter, interaction. To receive the beauty and connect with the unseen that is lost and brushed over in the busyness of running solely from the head space.

If you feel you don’t really have the energy at the moment try to honour this and go about things at a slower pace, you can still get things done but just concentrate on what you are doing in that moment instead of being ten steps ahead, physically and/or mentally. This returns a little peace and relaxes the nervous system. Connect and run the head to merge with the heart within all your choices so you not only connect to your logic but to what the heart guides in order to make the best choices that align in love. Its really important to honour the space of slowing down and to trust that all is working just as it is to be in all ways not just timing for you. The hearts is seeking greater connection a more open communication with you. Keep opening to love and we do this also by holding trust in all we do, that all we experience is perfect for us, surrendering and operating from a space of divine flow and peace rather than resistance and judgment. It is a practice, it takes conscious awareness of yourself until it becomes more and more just what you do, who you are. Keep working on it by checking in with yourself throughout your day, the heart is opening in the process, you are opening within the process.

There feels a shift today so whether you feel a little within yourself, introspective and are processing emotions from the last few days/week or you feel a newness a lifting in your being your energy your knowing all is perfect. See how much you have shifted, you have. The changes occurring from the inside out, remember just because you don’t see them reflected in your outer reality in form or be able to consciously grasp hold of you are shifting in many ways. Trust this, trust the process, the steps you have been taking, especially those ones that have been hard, uncomfortable, those ones that you may have been trying to achieve for so long, you are getting there you are making change, if only you could see what is unseen within and around you Dear Hearts.

You are loved, you are celebrated, you are seen and you are so very deeply supported by the higher realms of Light/Love.

Much Love xxx

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