Emotions & Change

18th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Lots of emotional energy present and most of us are experiencing the shadow coming up in some form. All as you have heard many times before that is not in alignment will rise to show you what you can change, release and transmute, to propel you towards living in greater connection and authenticity within your heart.

For some at this time it may feel like being in a washing machine of emotion, and they want you to know it will be okay, try to allow it and move within and in it but without sinking too deeply within it that you feel swamped, all will be okay, remember the past is just that you can let it go, it is safe to, it will pass. This may include experiencing the shadow coming up through the physical body, triggering those joints or muscles, places where we have had weakness already, this is being shown as the body releasing from within. It is a really power packed time right now so again they bring in and this is for the entire year, so really adopt and reinstate your sacred practices and tools, the importance of supporting yourself with what works, what keeps you connected to you and Source, your higher knowing, your higher wisdom, to keep you out of collective fear and lower vibrations. Rest and restore, replenish when needed especially if you are finding sleep light on or being awakened a lot, this is a part of your self-care. Grounding, nature, is coming in as very important to reset and centre yourself to come back into the body and be present.

Keep coming back to the breath, take five minutes within your day to be present within your heart, close your eyes and focus on your heart and just breathe. Give yourself that space and alone time if you need it, go gently. All is well we are deep within the midst of change and how you help yourself through anything challenging or uncomfortable is with kindness and compassion, care and most of all love, for we are all deeply supported in ways we cannot dream or imagine. Walk in your Light, present in your heart and know you are deeply supported through all.

Much Love xxx

Image ~ Balance and Stability Light Code (SoulLee Connected (c) 2022)