Welcome to April Dear Hearts

1st April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to April, this month’s energies and all they bring will assist us to come into greater harmony, serve to bring us through what we experience opportunity to practice finding and maintaining balance and open to peace as we continue to learn to embrace all aspects of self, allow all parts of us to be seen, felt, respected and loved. Allowing yourself to be present, to present in whatever form, emotion, space that may be and not to judge or create stories around it all, for allowance creates peace, invites peace and harmony rather than discord and disarray. Becoming more comfortable with the self in all forms not just those that feel joyful, calm, the lighter vibrational states but to allow and integrate all for when we deny feelings, emotions it sends it into the shadow, the subconscious where they will continue to seek acknowledgement. All is our continued expansion and growth within learning to love the self, to continue the journey back to unconditional Love.

The transformations continue as we learn to hold more compassion and love for ourselves, greater acceptance of who we are, just as we are, as we BE. Relationships will continue to teach us more about ourselves and bring us the opportunities for growth and expansion from within. Awareness of what is being reflected to us through our relationships, what beliefs, patterns and behaviours we still hold that don’t allow for or sit within harmony, balance and peace rise to assist us on our journey into greater wisdom and love. They serve to highlight where we still don’t fully love, honour and respect ourselves.

Keep seeking peace amongst change, amongst transformation this month as opportunities and doorways open to welcome you within.

Much Love xxx