Written for those that need to know

29th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This is a real turning point for some this week as you may feel your old ways and patterns, self sabotage, all the limiting beliefs are really trying to hold on, to remain, you may feel drawn to go back to revisit that which you know you don’t necessarily want or need in your life, the shadow rises through various situations, temptations, thoughts, emotions. You may feel you are wrestling with two aspects of yourself, the old and new meet and they shake. It may very well feel like a battle between good and bad, light and dark, letting go of what you know you don’t want to be, do, and making those better choices may feel harder or like things are coming to a head and it’s stirred you up.

There is a lot going on within this and Source lovingly reminds those that feel this to any degree that you do hold the power. Don’t loose faith. Especially if you have been doing the work around this remember that when all feels it’s coming to a point, it feels really uncomfortable or dark that this is in fact the turning point space. Sometimes we are or feel we are being pushed as it’s the only way we will choose different, better for ourselves, as we can be so good at kidding ourselves, hiding, resisting, avoiding until it comes that you feel you are breaking down, have had enough. This is the breakthrough space. The breakdown to break free, breakthrough. To leave behind and open to the new that you have wanted but have been afraid of or unsure of.

There is stored energy with the body’s systems that wants to exit, to dispel. There can be a deep sense of blame, shame, guilt, grief, loss, sadness for what you feel is your inability to commit to better ways of being. Give your heart permission to let the grief go.

Go easy, compassion is key it’s all okay.

This turning point is an incredibly beautiful and powerful time for you. And this is why these words were given to remind you that you may not feel you are where you want to be right now, it may not feel great, but ALL is working in ways that serve, in ways unseen at this time. Big shifts are occurring for you.

In absolute love 💗