Heart/Mind Balance

3rd July 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The logical mind and the heart seeks greater unity as they come into image joined together, to work as one so we have a sense of greater balance, the ability to make decisions and choices within our current experiences with a good mix of wisdom and love, balancing emotion and logic. It may have felt tricky at times lately. Don’t compromise on your happiness, what fits and what no longer feels right, what feels stale, whether routine, belief or person? What has reached a turning point and is ready for change, to be changed? The answers are all within you, quiet the mind and listen to your knowing, your intuition and the guidance that is there in stillness, when you make time regularly to shut off the noise of the outside world and the egos, the personalities stories and be present and connected to love.

No matter where you are at present, what you may be experiencing and feeling within, whether luminous and creative or a space of reflection, release and clearing, or even a sense of a void space, all IS well. The process you are within is unique to you, it is perfect for you, allow it, honour it as best you can. This month feels one of change, yes again, on a global and individual level, you may not be able to see all the workings, the goings on nor do you have to, just continue to do you, to hold trust that no matter the space you are within it is okay it is designed to be to propel you forwards.

Some may be experiencing clearing with the physical body/health as it seeks to purge and let go, the releasing spoken of occurring as the body seeks to expel denser energies, grief, sadness, trauma that it has held, and it will choose how it goes about this. No matter what you are experiencing again all is okay. If you can see the process of what you are experiencing as one that is working for you and be gentle with yourself through it, it will go a long way. A deep reset of how you have played out your work/life/joy balance is taking place, pay attention to your needs. You may have felt you had a good handle on this but there are ingrained belief systems ready to be rewritten, generational patterns. To add here has there been neglect of your health, neglect of your body for a period of time or neglect of your own emotional, physical needs that is seeking your attention and rectification, that is speaking through the physical vessel?

Remember you are an intricate being unique and diverse in your own special way remember to be gentle with yourself and know that there is great power and strength in softness, in flow in surrender. Keep your heart open, your belief in magic and the power of trust and faith high as this is a time of rapid manifestation.

Much Love xxx

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