Drop into the Heart

14th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being aware of when the mind seems to be filling up and keep your focus heart centred at this time as we come into the full blood moon total lunar eclipse on 15/16 it may feel like your brain is buzzing from all directions. Remember to be patient and kind with yourself if you are feeling the intensity of the forward shift we are within and especially if at the same time you are experiencing the past trying to keep its hold on you within your mind. Recognise it and let it go it is not your now, it is not you. If it feels a little or a lot jumbled remind yourself you are always moving forwards never backwards, keep your focused intentions on what you are creating, holding them strongly within your heart and within each breath, keep stepping with intention to expand.

Keep dropping into the heart by bringing your focus to your heart space, place your hand/s here and remind yourself that you are moving in the right direction. Keep consciously letting go of the little things that may arise with others, breathe and remind yourself that you are making conscious choice to not attach to that which is either not worth your time, your love or your energy. Choose to hold compassion and love for yourself and make choices that serve your higher way of being. It’s okay if others may not agree with you or understand you or the choices you have made. You do you and allow others to be as they are. You may be outgrowing some people or situations and so they will naturally shift or something will come up that does it for you. This is what is wanting to occur so allow it with a peaceful heart and mind. (as always do your best with it)

If you are feeling like everything is pressing in on your mind over the next few days keep coming back to your heart, take a breath and let it go as best you can. Move your body, shake it off, walk, stretch doing anything that moves the body will assist and help to distract you from your minds persistence. Knowing that others including yourself may feel reactionary do your best to keep it in mind and take a breath, keep out of any drama, hold your intention to be within calm and ease.

Huge shifts occurring from all the work you have been putting in to you, it is occurring. If you could only look back on yourself a month ago and see how much you have actually moved through in the last month. The old beliefs and patterns are calling to be let go of as you are drawn to operate within your day from a higher vibration.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of pixabay.com)