You are what you have been waiting for

28th November 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

Honour the sacredness within you. Keep bringing yourself back to centre, bringing yourself back into balance whenever you feel a sense of scatteredness rise. We are still within this beautiful expanded self-awareness energy.

The message today comes with love but at the same time comes with a real sense of purpose and push. It speaks of where we may still not be taking personal responsibility for where we are in our lives, our growth, with where we are in this moment. When things don’t feel all how we would like them to be, whether at times you feel unhappy with where you are, your progress or really within the self, we can perhaps be tempted to resort to blaming others, looking for something or someone to shift blame onto, shifting it away from ourselves as its easier to do than to look within the self. We are unique and therefore are walking our own sacred pathways so there can be many reasons why we are not where we want to be. An example is wanting things now before they are ready, before we are ready, wanting to rush the process and this can bring frustrations to the surface. There are times we just aren’t ready yet, we haven’t worked through what we need to, integrated and embodying the experiences needed so we are not yet able to move to the next. This is the time that impatience can rise, the personality comes in and may even tempt you to quit the journey. You can’t go back there is only onwards and Spirits message today may seem ‘direct’ but it is filled with love, honesty and openness and this is exactly what we are being asked to be with ourselves, loving (compassionate), honest and open. To cut through the ‘bs’ we humans can feed ourselves and asking us ‘if you are not happy with where you are or your ‘progress,’ where are you not taking responsibility, accountability for the self? Where have you been overlooking what is right in front of you, or that keeps repeating through situation, experience, people, relationships? Where have you not been willing to shift when you have been given opportunity to? Whether it is we have missed the signs, not being willing to budge or simply not wanted to put in the work, the only way you shift is by being 100% honest and accountable for you. No blame, shame, or judgement, just be honest with yourself. It is not a telling off but about being honest with yourself and the part you play, taking full accountability for you and your life. It is okay if you choose to stay put or not change, not take opportunity if that is what you are happy to do, but then we cannot blame another or circumstance for where we are at.

Total accountability for the self within all our thoughts, actions and reactions. It means being really truthful and honest with yourself and being willing to see yourself completely, being completely transparent. Ask the questions – Where am I holding myself back or resisting change? Am I self-sabotaging or making excuses? If it feels harsh reading this or you feel defensive it is triggering something within your heart, your body is talking to you and showing you there is something to be pulled out, time to get serious and sit with yourself (if you choose) and dig out, write, journal, meditate and bring to the surface. You are what you have been waiting for!If you want change, you want different, get really honesty with you and the part you are playing in where you are at and what you are within, where you want to be and if you may be standing in your own way. Can you listen to the honest communication your heart is speaking to you?

This flows in with it being a time that our patterns are going to become really clear, highlighted for us to see, for some you are going to be able to see and ‘feel’ yourself within them in a much greater way. Your awareness of self has heightened to a degree that at times it feels like you are watching yourself as if above or outside of yourself, things are becoming really clear. Our work here is to see our self in the pattern (action, emotion) and feel into it, does it still serve, is it still aligned with where you are wanting to go, is it an old habitual behaviour or emotional reaction? Know sometimes it’s a little push to look deeper within ourselves for the answers, which comes really wrapped in love, which nudges us to get really real with ourselves. This is where the growth happens and in this you shift yourself.

Much Love xxx

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