10th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Stand in your powerful love, within your peaceful heart as best you can. Big solar plexus activations being shown and many may be feeling either a little pounded by the energies present over the next few days and/or revved up mentally. Sleep may be affected for some. Be mindful of those triggers especially within your close relationships as little or large niggles that you have held just below the surface may rise. Particularly around support, feeling supported, seen, acknowledged for who you are. What is the inner discord showing you? What hasn’t been expressed, released, brought into harmony or resolution? Breathe. Pause. Breathe. Endings and beginnings all happening at the same time, wrap up and finalise what you feel motivated to but if you are feeling a little fatigued, mentally emotionally and/or physically give yourself a little or a lot of kindness, gentleness until you are ready to action forwards. All is well, drop out of the head and into the heart. This has been a huge time, and if you have been willing to look honestly within over the last few months you will have become more aware and in-tune with where in your life you are holding yourself back, greater understanding of where your fears and beliefs are impacting your decisions and hearts want to get ahead and move past the familiar into the beautiful expansion the Soul is seeking. We are deeply within a time of exploring our ability to and relationship with trust, not only our trust in ourselves but that of our path, life and the Divine. Greater trust in ourselves and life enough to make the necessary changes or redirections that bring us into better alignment with our authentic selves and higher pathway. An important time to really see and be aware of any expectations you hold of yourself and let them go. If you feel you have gone a step backwards or feel in the thick of it (again) remember that there is always the process of what can feel like chaos or struggle before the space of expansion and movement. It will shift, you are never ever going backwards. Bring in that trust to your heart, hold faith for again you are moving through an incredibly fast paced time of change and whether you feel like it or not you are doing remarkably Dear Heart!

Much Love xxx

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