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30th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue to be aware of and let go of what is mere distraction from your highest path for when you allow distraction, which is easy when you are not present with yourself and listening to your intuition and heart, we can easily unconsciously step out of alignment with what is truly serving in the highest for ourselves our pathway forwards.

Keep opening your heart and grounding into faith and trust that whatever you may be going through within your human experiences is what is needed for you to move through, to experience and learn from to propel you forwards on your destiny pathway. The bigger picture continues to unfold. All serves to liberate and open you to higher and more rewarding possibilities, all serves to open you to greater knowing and awareness of the untapped potential you hold within. Keep your focus ahead, your heart in trust and know that even if you can’t quite feel or see it just yet there are incredible opportunities awaiting you. The shadow that you have been moving through that has been so deeply hidden within, it is so old, and some may feel they are still moving through it, all is okay it really is, keep bringing in Light to fill you, allow the Light of the Divine, of Source to fill you, the Archangelic Realm to support you through the tail ends of this incredible growth and transformational clearing occurring. See just how far you have come courageous heart as we look to step into May things will shift again.

Allow yourself the space of time to reflect if you feel a little quiet or introverted over the next few days, it is a part of the integration. Softly acknowledge the journey and love and celebrate yourself and just how much you have moved through, the subtle yet powerful shifts made just this year already. Continue to follow your heart and allow your authentic self to be expressed, continue to be fully responsible and accountable for all within your life, allow the truth of who you are to radiate into the world. As we step into May you may feel you truly are stepping into a new chapter, feel it on all levels, allow it to unveil itself to continue to reveal itself as the month progresses, in right Soul, Universal and Divine timing.

We continue to practice and learn how to navigate and better master our experiences, what is within (emotion, thought, feeling) and what is outside of us (external) so we can better hold a state of peaceful balance and love. Continual practice of neutrality, allowance, surrender and opening to allow your Light to lead, allowing Love to lead us within all. Greater trust that within the moments that don’t feel so good, that bring harder emotions, thoughts, memories that we are truly supported, we are capable of moving through it, it will pass, keep bringing in the Light to fill you up and cocoon you until you feel stronger.

With absolute Love, Lee xxx

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