The Push of the new and the Pull of the old

5th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Resistance is coming up, the feeling of opposing forces at play, the push and pull to keep rising above and disconnect from the old, outdated self and its ways of being and to keep present within the newly forming self which allows the head to lead less and the heart to lead more, greater balance and unit of the heart/mind. When things feel hard it is so easy to revert back to the old ways and habits as they feel familiar and safe, they can offer comfort so they fight for a little control. This is where we are asked to (as best you can) hold the vision for yourself, your future self.

Come back within and keep reminding yourself often that you are a soul within a human vehicle and you do hold the capacity to stay the course, to keep stepping forth. Observe and know that your best within this is perfect. This is for us to choose to keep practicing what we have learned and put it into practice, to rise above and to remember we have the power of choice. Trust in your ability to flow with and within all. If you feel scattered, anxious or pushed, too much unhelpful mental chatter, come back within. Take a moment to breath and refocus.

Much Love xxx

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