Shifting Relationships as we Align with a more Authentic Version of Self

9th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today speaks to be aware and pay attention to what is moving within you what is stirring as you may feel a little more ready for doing today or become aware of a little shift in the energies that spark an inner desire to sort things out, get a little organised, clear and clean up. All is your preparedness coming in for the New Year as the new year’s energies have started to enter. This is sending the calling to the inner self and reviving your desire to get things in order, to create a clear space, a light space around you and within you. Take action now on what you know you want and need, use these energies to get to a little ‘doing’, it may be creating a little space for yourself, brightening up or clearing and cleaning your meditation space, rearranging the furniture to bring in a fresher newer feeling to your spaces or decluttering, it doesn’t have to be a big job.

You may feel a much needed renewal of your determination and power rising to walk within your truth, to be who you know yourself to be and to further drop any masks and ways of being that you may have put on in order to get along with others, or to be what others want you to be. For some you are becoming more aware of where you don’t fit in anymore and this can be a strange space and one that can bring a little sadness, a sense of loss even grief, but you know deep within your heart that you have moved past these people and cannot be your authentic self around them anymore. Allow the natural drift to occur as you find who are your people now and who are not. All in love, let go of what and who needs to be. You are continuing to come into a greater acceptance of self, just as you are and being more comfortable to be you and care less or feel less affected by what others may think. A renewed sense of honouring and living for yourself from love, a desire to be seen for who you are, the authentic self that aligns with your Soul light, your purpose, your heart and your knowing.

You may feel the culmination of all the recent work you have been doing to better love and accept yourself for who you are not to be defined by what you do or what you can give to others. Your desire to ‘please’ or overshare yourself where it is not reciprocated or valued is changing. All that has been arising over the last six months has been working to show you what hasn’t been aligned for some time or what is now no longer aligned and needs to shift a little to come to meet you where you are now.

Keep shining dear hearts, all is well, trust this is so.

Much love xxx

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