Stand in your Powerful Light

7th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being mindful of allowing yourself a little space if things are arising that feel a little uncomfortable or unsettling within your emotional body. Things may be stirring as we come into a Full Moon Eclipse. Try to remember it doesn’t mean anything is wrong rather things are coming to light allowing them the space to do so will help you gain greater clarity around what is presenting itself to you for your highest good. Try to keep in that beautiful space of neutrality neither connected or disconnected from all within but open, allowing and within deep trust and surrender as all comes to serve you best. You are being assisted to clear from within, yes it is a continual process and within clearing/healing you expand, you grow and you shine brighter and brighter. Better said you already and have always shone brightly you yourself are just more able to feel into yourself and your beauty with the old, the conditioned, the beliefs set free.

Keep showing up as you are beautiful Light, remember who is in control of you and what you choose to allow to be entertained in your world. Love over fear, power over victim mentality. This week is all about standing in and acknowledging your personal power, your powerful self not power over others, standing within the heart truth of who you are and allowing that love, your hearts truth to shine.

See yourself as a teeny tiny size shrunk down small enough that can see yourself as able to enter your crown and travel down through your body to come to rest within your solar plexus. As you rest here feel into this power centre, how does it feel? Does it feel strong or otherwise? Imagine, see sense, feel a brilliant yellow and gold light being placed here, see it expanding and radiating powerful vibrant life force energy. See this Chakra pulsating and being replenished, renewed, spinning clear and light.

You may like to place your hands on your solar plexus (just below the breastbone) and chant ‘AH’ (as in far, car) and feel the sound pulsating, with each pulse it is strengthening and bringing life to this power centre. Envisage the vibration of the AH sound rattling anything stuck within this centre loose. A strong solar plexus helps with self-esteem,  the need to control and within decision making. Interestingly its sense is sight!

Be true to you dear heart for you are so much more capable than you allow yourself to believe.

Much Love xxx

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