Reflect & Let Go with Love

9th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This may be a day where you find yourself in reflection of all you have travelled recently. As you let go of what has been, as this further trails out of the emotional body, all the bodies in their ways, come into a space of gratitude and love for yourself and all you have moved through, whether it feels large or small, whether your journey this year so far has felt monumental or not, hold gratitude and a space of love and compassion for who you are, the magnificent, luminous, delightful being that is you. As life cycles continue to come to completion letting go of the old may feel a little emotional at times, as you become more aware you are letting go of the ‘old you’ as you have changed so much from the beginning of this year. Celebrate the endings and welcome the beginnings, those already within form and those yet to manifest. Place your hands over your heart, do it now as you read, close your eyes, focus on your heart space for a moment and feel the love every present, smile, fill up and feel the embrace of Divine Source light within you.

If you feel a little emotional today as you connect with all that you have walked, if you feel a little introverted allow yourself this space, allow a gentle space to just be, go softly. Keep coming back to the heart and feel into the support and love that you sometimes feel without but that is always present within you. Your heart is your connection to All, you are never separated.

If you feel the niggles rise up and you find yourself projecting out onto others, particularly those closest to you, find your voice, your voice of love and express what you need to so it isn’t sitting festering within. Come back to the heart, drop the mind into the heart with the breath, allow the mind to feel the love present as the heart opens to welcome it in and allow the two to merge and speak freely together as one. You may not even be really clear about what you are feeing irritated about or what you are exactly feeling. Seek to find your words coming from your heart rather than your head without thought without love connected. The energies of the collective will stir and rumble today and over the next few days particularly, look after your own wellbeing depending on how this moves within and through you.

Much Love to all xxx

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