Your are Starlight

17th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Stepping into our Divine presence, being present within the self. Presence comes through today, its energy feels solid, grounded, still and calm, there is peace and great knowing, a feeling of such immeasurable love and such surety streaming within. We are truly becoming so much more aware of ourselves and all the different parts, aspects that make us up, the ego, the personality, the humanness, we can really see ourselves with our higher knowing. Our awareness and deep knowing of our love, our hearts connection to All, we are all connected as One whole.

So much is expanding and being released from the heart, the higher heart which sees, and we feel it play out in our experiences as we open up to being more compassionate, empathetic beings. Your ability to give and receive love is shifting in new ways for you are starting to actually see yourself, recognise yourself reflected in another/s, see to the soul of another and know this is also you, you are them and they are you. The heart activations that are occurring are powerful as we are walking in greater connection with the higher self, the Soul self within our day to day, being aware of the Soul leading us, the Divine guiding us in all and the power we have within our lives to live in love, peace and joy no matter the outer reality.

Keep going beautiful, incredible, powerful beings of love. You are shifting and evolving leaving behind so much of what you don’t and never did need to carry, keep letting go, keep releasing the ties that limit or restrict your light. You are moving through the learnings and bringing completion to the cycles that have bound you in place. Keep opening your heart to yourself, let judgement fall away, see that in judgement you only hurt yourself. Walk tall, express your truth and shine bright as the star that you eternally are.

Much Love xxx

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