All the Feels – Full Moon

20th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Well phewww is it just me, no its not, these moon energies are intense. I am not one to dwell or play into the moon energies too much but at the same time I am consciously aware that I feel them deeply, this is through observing the patterns of my emotions, thoughts, and physical body feels around its phases. I don’t normally express about myself at all however when its feeling as intense as it is and as big as it is for us I feel to share so anyone else doesn’t think they are going nuts or wonder why they are ‘feeling’ so much. These energies may be huge but they are transformational.

Be kind, gentle with yourself today don’t push through even though you know you can, really honour how you are feeling and listen to your body and what it needs, time to rest instead of trying to be in control of everything?

If you feel extra sensitive whether its within the physical body, the gut, mental mind racing with random old thoughts and people, situations or it is coming up emotionally, in this case allow it all, keep your heart open so the energy can flow and release. This is the space in allowing to flow within and not fighting it by pushing through and refusing to feel, (trying to) that you will be given insight into what your emotions are around. Again what isn’t in alignment with truth for you will come up to say hello. The old ways are really wanting you to let them go so you can open and blossom in new ways that feel easier, freer.

The thing to remember is that all is good, all is okay and all will pass. You may be feeling what you are, thinking what you are, but you are okay there is a massive rebirth for many occurring, those that feel they have been doing the really hard work, have been clearing some very deep traumas, this is the process as much of this is dissolving. It may not feel great but it will pass, you are within the rebirth that you have been seeking.

Choose to give yourself what you need through the next few days, sit within you, your sacred space and connect with your heart, sit in the higher frequencies of Light and know that you truly have done an incredible job through this year, the seeds you have planted and nurtured, the clearing you have done, the things you have become aware of and chosen with such courage and faith to consciously work through are all going to come to fruition and will carry you into the 2022 year serving you well.

As always be mindful of where your focus is, if you feel not too great don’t focus on it or get drawn deep within it, you are able to move through this by being present, being within the heart and choosing to do the things that honour what you need, rest, nature, movement, be in water. Best of all do something silly, have a laugh somehow. We really don’t have to take it all so seriously.

You are doing soo incredibly amazingly. Your power to create is magnified so again choose your focus. Keep rising and shining, gently.

Much Love xxx

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