Express & Stand Further in your Power

29th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are so supported at this time to speak up and express that which you have held within for fear of ridicule, fear of offending, fear of being judged, fear of rejection, no matter the reason you keep your true feelings within is it time to allow them to be released and to free yourself in the process, to exhale and move on? Speak from the heart not the emotional charge (emotion – energy in motion) or the mind, the stories, speak your truth in love even if it feels a harsh thing to express for keeping it within is only prolonging and creating discord within your systems, it keeps you stuck in that story loop. The allow all to unfold from there.
Overthinking things can drain your energy, allow the next steps to reveal themselves, this is all a part of the message of Divine timing that came through yesterday, flow with what wants to be for what you keep within you can feel if you tune in to your whole being, tune in to the mind, then the heart, then the solar plexus the friction it creates within your body. It’s there for reason, it wants to be dealt with its getting your attention, it’s not a space you have to stay in. The more impatient you may be or resistant the more you wont be able to connect with the answers you seek, the clarity, the guidance present. All wants you to move forwards.

If you are likewise wanting to get ahead with a project, idea, or make a decision no matter what aspect of your life it connects with, and you can’t seem to get clear on it Spirits question to you is are you overthinking things? Are you creating confusion within it all running old stories of self-doubt, mistrust in yourself or others, limitation, holding on to built up emotions and frustrations, not stopping to feel, to listen, to be. Get out of your own way and you may just find that the answer then has room to be present for you. Trust the process.

I have received a word as I have gone to ask for a card for further information, it is CHOICE. You get to decide, you always have choice, you always have options, what are you choosing dear hearts?

“I (say your name) choose my direction”. – Hand on your heart, say these words, now take a deep breath into that and as you exhale feel the power of that statement being blasted as light through your entire being.

Remember you are empowered when you are present, presence in the moment, presence within the self, aware of all and from this space of power you make aligned choices that serve your now and future self.

With Love xxx

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