Another Portal Opens

5th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a lot still trying to settle within, to integrate within the body at this time. What you have let go of and actively worked to make changes within over the last few months has enable a shift to take place, a vibrational change has occurred or is occurring, whether minor or major. And yes for some the stirring continues to various degrees, all is well, allow it to show you what you need to see, be open and know all is serving your greater good and rise. For some the result of your work won’t immediately be felt, and for some not at all just a knowing or witnessing of yourself as you move within your physical experiences observing yourself and how you react, act, think, feel compared to what you used to, you are more aware of yourself, you can better see and feel the personality, the ego, the human you and the higher aspect the Soul all together as one walking this life. You can see how you move differently within certain situations for you are different, what is coming forth from within comes through a different vibration. Things are still adjusting and so this space can feel a little, words are hard to find to adequately describe the feelings within this, spacey, you may feel not quite connected or a bit foggy, discombobulated as these adjustments are taking place, just allow it to settle, all is well, all  is more than well as you will experience the fruits of your work

The 5/5 energies will bring you a little boost in the right direction however, things are being pushed along at speed. Being fluid, in flow with what today brings, to be open and welcome what presents, embrace it all for some things are being brought to their natural conclusion. Time to further stand on your own two feet, this is coming in loud and clear for some and thus what may be pushing in your experiences with others, especially if you have been handing your decisions and choices over to another to make for you, or not trusting in your own ability to know what is right for you. Redefining your boundaries is being shown as needed to many of us so you are better supported. In doing so in some cases it will actually allow others to support or be responsible for themselves, you hand back their stuff for them to carry. Some boundaries may have been put in place that now don’t work and are actually preventing you from moving forward, some are to be reinforced and adjusted with your growth to support you, and some are to be taken down to allow you to fly free and explore. Flow where your heart takes you, keep saying yes and opening to the newness ever present.

Much Love xxx

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