12th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

TRUST in the process and all that is unfolding for you. Some days, hours, moments may feel challenging, some may feel light, it is a dance and one that the more we don’t allow our thoughts, emotions, actions to sink into and expand any stories of ‘something is wrong’ and choose to work within greater trust and allowance of what is in that moment, remembering that each moment changes, the more we move through what we are here to experience for our continued growth.

Sometimes when the energies are intense it penetrates and illuminates the shadow within and things feel amplified and intensified within the body, all the spaces where we haven’t yet changed, aligned, we have avoided or kept ourselves blinded to can wobble and it can feel as if something is wrong. It’s not it is opportunity it is a gift to look at areas of our life that have been calling us, areas that we haven’t yet healed and brough into love, the spaces where we haven’t yet accepted ourselves, loved ourselves, forgiven ourselves. All seeks to serve us to evolve past.

It is in these times of vulnerability, when we are feeling a little tender and not fully connected to or in our fullest power that the ‘dark’ can seek to play, for it sees opportunity, a way in to perhaps create a little mischief for it does not want you to be in your power and spread your Light and Love in the world. There is no point pretending it doesn’t exist, for there to be light there is dark, there is shadow there is always opposite, but you can learn to stand in the truth of who you are, rise in your power for the dark feeds off of fear, doubt, lack. This is why clearing your field, calling in your spirit support team, the Archangelic Realm and/or a specific Archangel to assist you is important, use the tools available or seek advice if you feel you aren’t quite strong enough to do it alone. As you hold more light, as you have been doing the inner work, the healing and transformation growth, your light can attract things that can cause a little ‘upset’. When you feel ‘not quite right’, sick in the stomach, bowls, headache, racing thoughts, tight jaw, third eye throbbing, just check in get into the practice of asking the subconscious mind “Is this mine?”, “Do I have anything with me?” you will get a clear instant yes or no, if you think about it that is the mind and the mind won’t know or will be confused, you can be blocked from the truth, uncertainty can signal a yes. If it is no call forth Archangel Michael three times and ask him to cut cords with anything that is less than the Divine, that is not of the Light and unconditional love, that is not for your highest and greatest good. Command all to leave NOW’. Merlin is also one that is perfect to call forth with Michael to clear.

As you rise and expand, hold more Light it becomes more your responsibility to look after your energy, your energetic health, it becomes its own learning journey. For those that may need I am here if you need to reach out. The thing to remember is your beliefs are so very important, TRUST that ALL, all that arises is perfect. For even the dark illuminates beliefs that have been needed to be worked within and reprogrammed and that is a gift. All is the power of your perspective. You have the ultimate power over remember that.

With Much love xxx

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