The Tail Energies of March

28th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What you need and what you have been either holding back, denying yourself, where you have not been allowing yourself to receive, or allowing yourself to fully express that has been sitting just below the surface for so long may feel it is ready to burst forth. Emotions may be heightened and feel very present for you. This may come through in anger as the frustration, particularly this is speaking within close relationships, boils over. Really pay attention to what is coming forth for you for this feels very much old conditioning and programming, ways you have operated or you have allowed to operate within your life wanting to be witnessed so you can gain the wisdom and love that they indeed bring to you. All is trying to show us where we can treat ourselves better, honour ourselves and our needs within our significant relationships and value our expression and heart.

This energy feels it will be moving through very quickly and then be gone just as quickly as it arrived. If things rise up as if from nowhere and you find yourself surprised by your emotions look to find the resolution your heart is seeking and see the wisdom that is calling for your attention within all.

Much Love xxx

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