Open and Flow

20th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keeping yourself open especially being open minded and flowing within and in all that is your experience, regardless of however it ‘feels’ for you, is how to best navigate the current energies. Ease up, do what supports and nurtures you and your body, remember the physical vessel is what houses your beautiful soul, your light, your love so looking after it even if it’s just sleep and hydration, little things will really help you move through and you will feel better for it which helps you navigate your world easier day to day.

Allow the message, the visions to come through to you with an open heart and mind, be receptive even if you don’t quite understand what you are receiving at first, trust. Sometimes we are given a little peek, a part, and it is not until a while later that we receive the next piece or are able to form a little bit of the picture or understanding. We are being led and guided. This is where it is so important to trust, be receptive to all, be open as we cant see the bigger picture, the path we are taken down and how this unfolds in the future, Spirit can, so keeping our limited human mind out of it as best we can, can really serve us well.

Keep stepping forward making with greater awareness, conscious presence, the choices that are good for you, that serve and support your direction. Yes there is always the possibility of sinking back into the comfortable and the familiar, the old ways and coping mechanisms, as it is an easy place to be, sometimes it is the space we have to be in until we are able to move forward, and sometimes we go back into this space, use these old ways as we are still learning that they aren’t serving us, all perfect. This space is where you are still feeling and processing what you need to before you feel the drive within you that it is time to move, to action or you are ready to change something. There is a lot found in this space so be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you revert back to your little old ways of comforting you when you need it. All tales time, there is no rush, there is no right or wrong. Just be where you are for you will shift and move soon enough when it is right for you to. Take the pressure off you to be, to get to, to have and just be now, small steps.

You have been doing so much work within, a lot you are not really conscious of the depth and magnitude of what you have been moving within, but you will get little insights here and there where you notice you didn’t react the same, think the same, feel the same and it is in these beautiful, beautiful moments that you realise you are expanding in love (ascending, evolving whatever you wish to label it) you feel the joy of just being you.

CELEBRATE YOU, you incredible human light filled being.

So much Love xxx

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