Balance & Allowance to cultivate Peacefulness

24th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Balance and allowing, yes yet again we find familiar messages coming through. Balance to draw our attention to what we are needing to be able to maintain a sense of inner peace at this time, where we have been perhaps doing too much, whether for others or not and not looking after ourselves and filling ourselves up. Balance asks us to address this before it gets to a point that the physical body starts to show us that we have been ignoring the self, all comes under the heading of ‘self-love’. Balance also comes through around the serious side of life and allowing a little joy and laughter a little break up of the routines and schedules to be present, mix it up a bit. Balance of the amount of time you may be spending on screens, on mindlessness and actually getting present with yourself, getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight, nature. All greatly assists especially when things feel a little chaotic, stressful or emotional, when we are more in balance it may not feel all love and light but we can navigate the waves from a more grounded and neutral space, greater detachment to what is not ours.

Allowing comes in again as what can also be the cause of feeling inner stress and emotion and heightened energy running through you can be your resistance to change. What is trying to get your attention and what you are resisting or avoiding can be creating blocks and pressure within your being, your energy flow and you can start to feel it on all levels. What part is the ego playing here? What part is still attached to and anchored within things being how they are but are they serving you best are they allowing for expansion and growth or blocking space for change to occur? For many space is wanting to be created, space that allows you to be open and receptive to the newness awaiting you.

There is a Full Moon tomorrow and this one feels particularly potent, relationships for many again being the main area that will be highlighted, all those habits and unresolved, unhealed issues and ways of being in your relationships that may be dysfunctional being highlighted so you can again make choice to change, to resolve, to release, to come together, or not. Release the resistance and any ego stubbornness to change here.

We are being continually guided to recognise and stand in our powerful light, to trust and allow the change that wants to be, individually within our own lives and as a Collective, to keep handing over any fears as they arise and trust deeply. Trust not only the path ahead but trust ‘yourself’, trust yourself enough, its time! Allow the past and what you perceived as mistakes or failures you have made, all the times things didn’t work out as you thought they would, the expectations particularly those you placed on yourself, allow them to be put to rest, lay them down and cut cords with them, announce from this moment you start anew.
All is working to release separation from ourselves and our light, our love, and open us to a more expanded and aware state within which helps us to feel more grounded and solid in our choices and capability to be within this world through such time of deep change. Create and nurture your inner peace, your inner sanctuary and you are more able to be within but not consumed by what is going on around you.

It very much feels a time of allowing yourself to just be, to sink into flowing with not fighting against, cultivating peace as there is so much you are integrating at this time, still moving through and working on releasing, go peacefully, go gently. Choose to see the beauty within every experience, the opportunity within every experience, look for the gems rather than the negative or what appears to be on the surface, look deeper for love is present in everything, beauty is presenting in everything it is your perception of things that can be life changing.

The audio for bringing the head into the heart (link below, let me know if you prefer it emailed to you) is a good one to keep doing, not just as a once off as the more you do it the more the head communicates with the heart and over time you start to operate from a head/heart space especially helpful in these times when the head can run away with thoughts that are unserving but which are creating, and in those times were we tend to react from the head without pause and the hearts engagement and love.

With love xxx