Connect to Love

15th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Sit within your sacred heart for a moment Dear One, rest here a while as you consciously connect with the presence of your own powerful light, your love which is eternally connected with the Divine Light of All”.

Feel into the supportive energies present as they shift to bring in a flow that assists us to connect with our more empowered sense of self. You are seeing things from a different space, a higher perspective, can you acknowledge how you have changed, how you have risen above? Keep choosing to make the best choices that serve you moving forwards that are supporting and expanding you as Soul guides you closely at this time through your intuition. Listen to the messages you are receiving try not to fob them off, these little drop-ins and sparks of knowing are powerful breadcrumbs at this time.

Again the message of bringing in to balance that which in our life is upsetting the applecart, creating discord within. What needs detaching from, what do you need space from? You may have been aware of where things need a tweak but not have been able to work in a solution, listen to the messages that guide you, solutions will be flowing to you, they are coming. Keep asking for help with it and it will come in a form you may not immediately recognise but may be right in front of you, a simple change or change of perspective that opens the doors to greater harmony within. Some of these changes are actions to be taken, put in place, and some are within ourselves, releasing control, letting go or allowing change, are you the one in your own way? All in its right time for you, the first step is to actually acknowledge what needs to change.

Go gently again today if you feel to, it’s not a race to get things done, don’t compare yourself to how another is travelled, doing, being, acknowledge what you need and give to yourself, a very foreign concept to so many of us that have been actively conditioned to ‘do’, to be ‘on’ but disconnected from the self. The journey we are on is we are actively choosing to ‘reconnect’ with ourselves in all ways, to come back to love and wholeness.

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Start your morning this way every day to be present with yourself and your love.

Hands on your heart, close your eyes, take your time to take 3 deep breathes in and out. Centre within your heart.

See, sense, feel the light of your heart space glowing brightly, feel the love present. Maybe you see a light or a colour, a shape, or something else.

As you exhale say – “I (your name) connect to and activate my love”.

“I am supported, protected and surrounded by Divine Love throughout my day”.

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Much Love xxx