Judgement and Movement

2nd May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The messages that came through yesterday are wanting to still be read and seen today so you can re-read and I feel this will be this way for the entire week if not the next. But with the addition of two things, the importance of staying out of judgement, whether its how you are feeling, the mental and emotional, what you may be experiencing and triggered around, try not to do what us humans love to do, and is an automatic thing for most, to judge it as one way or the other. Just allow, breath, pause, come back in and focus on the heart space, place a hand over your heart and take a breath, reset your mind and it’s want to resist what may feel uncomfortable or react to what it feels is an attack. Give yourself a break. Let it go, allow flow and within flow you will be able to move with and within your experience at this time but gain greater peace and clarity to what is really occurring within you. Step back and release any need to fight against what is occurring in your life. Connect with yourself. Come back within, be present within not what is outside of you so you can determine what is speaking to you and what is outside noise.

The other thing that is strongly coming in and I am called to pay attention to is to move, no matter how tired the body may feel, the mind wants to resist, sleep may be really light on at the moment or you just don’t feel rested and refreshed, get out in nature and just walk, stretch, breath in the fresh air, fill your lungs. The movement is assisting the physical body to move the energies through it with greater ease. Allow the sun to be on your face if you can or allow your eyes to take in the beautiful always present in the trees, the flowers, the sky, no matter the weather. Connect with the Earth Mother and her beauty, anchor your energy your light strongly, send a column of light down from your root to the earth or see roots from your feet spreading into the Earth. Staying grounded and present will assist you at this time.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of technocrazed.com)