Let Resistance Go, Sink into Trust

16th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

I have asked for a card this morning to help us navigate the shift we are within in these powerful eclipse energies and we see that we are as always guided to let go, surrender to what wants to be. Especially around that which we are being guided to let go of to release the fight or need to hold on to that which is wanting to move away or change its form within our individual worlds.

The more we fight and resist the messier and more chaotic we can feel within, it feels harder as we fight against the very current our life is trying to flow in. Let it go. If things feel a little challenging at the moment know that what they are presenting to you is a gift, to grow, learn, expand, heal and move forward. If you can see the gift, the opportunity everything brings to you, you take some of that tension within away. For in resistance it only delays what wants to be and within avoidance the learning will only show up again down the path, all comes for reason and will keep coming in another form until we have learned what we need to.

The card of Signs and Symbols comes forth now and we are guided to look at the image, see the stepping stones are a pathway, each step no matter how it feels is guiding you, yes sometimes the steps are difficult to navigate but they are always a step to the next for you , you are always being guided. Come back in to your heart and ask to be shown either what is blocking you being able to move forward or what you cannot see to master the learning being presented so you can take your next step. There are signposts along the way that your Soul, your Higher Self and your Angels are sending to you. Be open to all and trust the plan, the path and yourself. All is leading you to greater freedom within.

This is a time to welcome in the beautiful opportunities being given for growth. Remember within letting go of what wants to be released you create the space within that you didn’t have before for the new to enter within your life.

Much Love xxx

(Card Images courtesy of The Little Sage Oracle by Helen Jacobs)